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  Foundation Vendor "Just a project"
1000+ devs
100+ commits/day
Linux, KDE, Apache, Eclipse, Perl+CPAN, Mozilla+Addons, Gnome, Drupal    
20-200 devs
50-100 commits
GCC, Python, Samba MySQL, Qt, OpenOffice, Mono, JBoss, OpenJDK PHP+PEAR
Medium GIMP Subversion, GhostScript, Wordpress phpMyAdmin
Missing data Xorg, GNU system tools    


1) observations support hypothesis

IaaS projects 2012

Graph of mailing list messages for 4 IaaS projects &

2) Non-cooperative multi-vendor

copy of a 451 Group slide with MySQL ecosystem vendors as planets

New table à la 2015

Multi-vendor Linux, Drupal, Eclipse, Hadoop, OpenStack, CloudStack, Wordpress, Node.js MySQL, MongoDB
Single-vendor Mozilla, Cassandra, Subversion JBoss, Docker, Meteor, Qt...

involuntary category
moved to foundation
Mozilla is an exception, 333MUSD revenues

3) Single vendor, permissive license

Node.js, Docker, Meteor


100-1000s plugin contributors

Node is now a foundation

Docker under pressure

4) $$$

Many more vendors have provided data on their revenues. We now have data to attack the primary question directly!

Company Ecosystem Income (MUSD) Valuation (MUSD) Governance
Red Hat Linux 1500 14110 Foundation
Company Ecosystem Income (MUSD) Valuation (MUSD) Governance
Red Hat Linux 1500 14110 Foundation pp
Mozilla Firefox 333 - Foundation pp
Sourcefire Snort 223 2700 Vendor* oc
MySQL MySQL 100 1000 Vendor oc
Acquia Drupal 100 - Foundation pp
Cloudera Hadoop 100 4000 Foundation oc
HortonWorks Hadoop 60 1000 Foundation pp
Pivotal CloudFoundry 40 - Foundation oc
Multiple vendors OpenStack < 1000 - Foundation -
EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL ? - Foundation oc
Jboss JBoss 17 350 Vendor pp
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus 10-20? 50-100M? Vendor oc
JasperSoft JasperSoft 10-20? - Vendor oc
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